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Bant Mag No:36
  1. Bant Mag.

  2. The future is tense: Alex Gross

    Our eyes have met the eyes of the numb looking, distracted characters on Alex Gross’ paintings, and we asked the artist our questions. Here’s a chat on political expressions of art and music, symbolism, her movie, Thom Yorke and the psychology of living in Los Angeles.

  3. Remembering the forgotten music of Zeki Müren

    Murat Meriç spoke to the “Here I am, Zeki Muren” exhibition’s curator Derya Bengi, also a research assistant and a writer.

  4. Owen Pallett: A Small Burger Joint Kind of Guy

    While in town for his 19 December gig at Salon, Pallett graciously answered questions for Bant.

  5. Drummer stories: ¨How did I start? Why did I start?¨

    Following the cinematic achievement of the movie Whiplash, we turned our minds to our favorite drummers and their formative days. We asked for memorable, fascinating and unique stories from our tub-thumping friends.

  6. Top 50 albums of 2014

    After weeks of voting and compromise, we present you Bant Mag.'s selection of best albums of the past year.

  7. Top 25 local recordings of 2014

    Here's an inspiring mixture of EPs, albums and singles recorded in Turkey in 2014.

  8. Top 10 music videos of 2014

    From animations to experimentalism, from big productions to mind blowing camera tricks, here's a list of our favorite music videos from 2014.

  9. Top 50 movies of 2014

    Bant Mag.'s traditional end of the year list is like a summary of 2014 in cinema.

  10. 2014 in movies & TV / Other lists

    The films that unfortunately couldn't make it to Top 50, the disappointments of the year, the best TV series, etc...