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Bant Mag No:39
  1. Bant Mag.

  2. Sylvania: Where The Roots, Fairy Tales And Green Meet In Awe

    Anna Beeke, the young and very talented photographer from the US, ist trying to go back to her roots by going into the American Forest to complete her personal evolution. We asked her questions about her fairy-like series Sylvania, a journey into the rural landscape steeped literature and American folklore.

  3. Driven by injustice: Shadi Alzaqzouq

    “Sometimes I feel so angry with Injustice that I wonder if the painting I do is because I love it, or it’s just for revenge.”

  4. Beauty is free of charge when you know where to look: Göksu Gül

    A chat with Goksu Gul, who opened her first solo exhibition Free of Charge at BLOK Artspace in March.

  5. Teenage Kicks: Damon & Naomi

    The soundtrack to our teenage years – a musical coming of age – these songs can tell us so much about a person. Here’s a journey through the musical memory of Naomi Yang and Damon Krukowski between 13 and 20.

  6. Sam Prekop’s cinematic wonder: The Republic

    ¨Feels almost like a travelogue with a beginning and end more cinematic I guess¨

  7. 10 unforgettable characters from the Hal Hartley world

    Here’s a journey through the crazy, mysterious, utterly original, ultra suicidal characters of Hal Hartley, a genius of American independent cinema. His latest movie, Ned Rifle, will be showcased this month at the Istanbul Film Festival.

  8. Blackhole

    Story and illustration by Ethem Onur Bilgiç

  9. Picnic

    Story and illustration by Ezgi Beyazıt

  10. I love mushroom

    Story and illustration by Saydan Akşit

  11. End to baldness

    Story and illustration by Özlem Isıyel